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‘Hope’ visits University Academy Kidsgrove - 21/02/2018

Students from University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) welcomed the educational performance group, Takeaway Theatre Company to perform a hard-hitting piece of theatre exploring key issues around bullying and relationships. Takeaway Theatre Company is a Theatre in Education (TIE) group who deliver high impact and entertaining projects to schools throughout the UK. Hope has toured UK schools for the past ten years and is a contemporary and powerful production that combines music and drama. Hope tells the story of a beautiful and successful pop star returning to the town where she grew up for the first time in years. A chance encounter between her and an old school acquaintance brings back painful memories of her childhood and the systematic abuse and bullying she suffered at the hands of a classmate. Hope is a story of courage, self-empowerment and redemption. The informative and thought-provoking play is expertly delivered by professional actors. The project uses the issue of bullying to explore emotional and social health issues of relationships, decision-making and friendships by promoting good behaviour and respect for others. During the performance, the Key Stage 3 students were engaged in a mid-show discussion using forum theatre. This intervention allowed the students to decide the fate of the characters and the consequences they face. Student Sophie, Year 8 said: “I enjoyed the performance because it made me sad and happy at the same time. It showed me that you can tell someone if you’re getting bullied and you shouldn’t hide it away from people.” Student Tom, Year 8 also said: “The Takeaway performance was amazing. I learnt so much from it and it inspired me to always tell someone if something is wrong.”

‘Positively MAD’ visit UAK to deliver interactive learning experience - 21/02/2018

Students at University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) attended a highly-interactive and multisensory learning experience on how to prepare for their exams by equipping them with a range of effective learning tools and exam preparation skills. Positively MAD is one of the country’s leading providers of student workshops, teacher training and world-class supportive resources. Positively MAD’s inspiring and dynamic delivery provided the Year 10 students with a theatrical and interactive experience challenging them to see learning in a new light. They took part in Exam Busters, a two-hour course which aims to deliver a refreshing learning experience to boost exam performance and provide simple but effective techniques to better organise workload and improve exam preparation and performance. Throughout the course, students were introduced to the concept of the regular review process and given the tools to follow through with this. They were also shown how to relax when preparing for exams and how they can create an effective learning environment to prepare for their summer exams. Jessica C, Year 10 student, said: “The Exam Busters course gave me some really good tips to help me learn new techniques to revise.” Tyler CM, Year 10 student also said: “I really enjoyed the session by Positively MAD. It was interactive and engaging!”

Leaders of the future share ideas with banking professionals at student conference - 16/02/2018

Student Leaders at University of Chester Academy Northwich (UCAN) welcomed guest speakers from Barclays to the annual Student Leadership Conference 2018. University of Chester Academy Northwich (UCAN) welcomed a number of keynote speakers from Barclays including: Rob Hawthorn, Managing Director of Client Services and Senior Project Managers Sarah Morgan and Tracy Berry-Potts. The Student Leadership conference aimed to inspire, motivate and empower young student leaders to lead and develop various aspects of school life including: teaching and learning, pupil voice and creativity. The conference featured student leaders from local primary schools, UCAN and professionals leading within large companies. The event was organised by two Year 11 student leaders, Dylan Orton (Deputy Head Boy) and Oriana Brown (Deputy Head Girl) from UCAN. Staff and pupils from Witton Church Walk Primary School, Victoria Road Community Primary School and Rudheath Primary Academy attended the conference to showcase their leadership foci and the work they have being doing as young leaders. Ana Roslan, Vice Principal at UCAN said: “It’s been fabulous to watch Dylan Orton and Oriana Brown, our Year 11 Deputy Head Boy and Girl, change an idea at lunch to a full blown conference and what a brilliant day it has been for all involved!” The conference started with a presentation from Rob Hawthorn who spoke about his role as a leader at Barclays, what qualities make an effective leader and how to lead a team. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session where one student asked: “What personal qualities does it take to be a successful leader in business?” another student asked “Is good mental health important for leadership?” Tracy Berry-Potts, Senior Project Manager, Barclays commented: “It’s brilliant that you’ve got all the leaders together like this!" Twelve exhibition stalls were set up for students to showcase themselves as young leaders and speak about the work they have been doing to lead change. Young leaders from Victoria Road Primary School spoke about their work as an Eco Group to develop exciting environmental projects and their work as a student council. Stuart Eaville, Year 4 pupil at Victoria Road Primary School said: “It was an amazing day! I wish we could do every day! Leaders from Witton Church Walk Primary School shared the work they have been dong as a Curriculum Committee to develop different subjects and skills throughout their school. J. Osborn, Teacher at Witton Church Walk Primary said: “The conference was really well organised and it’s good for networking to appreciate what they do in schools. It’s really effective to see all the students demonstrate their skills.” Rudheath Primary Academy also spoke about their work for school induction, reading and class rewards. Jane Thomas, Teacher at Rudheath Primary Academy said: “Today has been a really enlightening experience which will guide our student leaders into the future.” Students from UCAN spoke about their work for Leading School Culture, Dianna Ambassadors and Leading Learning in Literacy, Numeracy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in school. Tyler Mitchell, Anti Bullying Ambassador from UCAN said: “The event has shown how the leaders can progress together, be successful and have the fullest future they can!” Barclays encouraged young leaders at the conference to talk to each other and the professionals from businesses who had joined them. They spoke about Citizenship, the People Council, Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership, LifeSkills and Digital Media. The conference concluded with a 30-minute workshop on ‘Building Confidence for Leadership’ giving young leaders the opportunity to contemplate on how they can build on the leadership roles that they have already embarked on.

Community link goes from strength to strength with Northwich Rugby Club - 16/02/2018

Northwich Rugby Club works students at the University of Chester Academy Northwich (UCAN) to develop community links and sporting pathways for young rugby players. Year 8 students have been working with coach Danny Townsend at the Northwich Rugby Club to develop their skills and techniques. The Academy has worked with the club over the last 10 years providing important advice, skills and support to the students, allowing them to grow their confidence in the sport and enhance their learning. Northwich Rugby Club coach Danny Townsend said: “The students at UCAN are always well behaved and listen intently to instructions. The aim is to teach the students the game of rugby and should they enjoy it, encourage them to play in a more competitive setting at Northwich Rugby Club.” Ms Geraldine Lynch, Head of Physical Education said: “Our aim here at UCAN is to provide rugby opportunities for our students to develop their skills further and increase interest in the game. We have built a foundation for rugby here at UCAN through the support from the Rugby Football Union (RFU), All Schools Programme and Northwich Rugby Club”. Ms Lynch added: “This partnership enables us to continue to work with local rugby coaches to enhance rugby skills in lessons and in the emerging school’s festivals. This has paved the way for our students to make the transition from school level into club rugby at Northwich Rugby Club. Our students are responding well to the coaching and are keen to represent our Academy in festival and at club level.” We are looking forward to getting involved in the emerging school’s rugby festivals which start in February and run into March for both and girls. RFU Development Officers Simon Verbickas and Julian Gilding organise and run these festivals. Both Simon and Julian have worked with UCAN staff and students in our journey through the emerging schools programme. They continue to support and encourage as they create a positive learning experience in the festivals that will entice the students to develop a deeper interest in the sport and transition into club rugby.

Kidsgrove students embark on a journey through time at Natural History Museum - 16/02/2018

Students at University Academy Kidsgrove (UAK) embarked on a journey through time as they discovered some of the biggest mammals in the animal kingdom and wandered among ancient fossils from the Dinosaur era at the Natural History Museum. On Thursday 23rd January, Year 8 students visited London’s Natural History Museum to learn more about the topics covered in the Geography course including volcanoes, earthquakes and paleogeography – the study of geographical features at periods in the geological past. The Natural History Museum offers a range of interactive and curriculum-linked exhibits for schools. Students were given the opportunity to delve into the stories about the Museum’s collections, exhibits and research as they uncovered the history of life on Earth, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals. Students began their journey by exploring the natural power of volcanoes and earthquakes through dramatic film footage, interactive games and exhibits available at the museum. One particular highlight for the students was a shaky encounter at the museum’s famous earthquake simulator. Students then embarked on a seven-million-year journey through human evolution and fossil artefact discoveries to help them better understand the evolution process. Students explored the innovative techniques and DNA research which are transforming scientists’ understanding of our ancient past. Students then explored the different time periods dinosaurs lived and learnt about the facts and myths how dinosaurs died out. The exhibits included the first fossil ever found from a Tyrannosaurus rex, the skull of plant-eating Triceratops and the fossil of one of the largest meat eaters ever unearthed in Europe. Students concluded their visit at the Museum’s vast entomology collection where they identified the oldest and most important collection of 34 million insects and arachnids gathered from over 300 years. Before returning to Kidsgrove, students spent time in the capital city as they took the time to visit a number of tourist destinations including the Albert Memorial, Park Lane, Kensington and Harrods, Marble Arch and the Edgware Road. Mr Smith, Teacher of Geography said: “The whole point of fieldtrips in geography is to help bring the subject to life. In this case students got to try out an earthquake simulator and appreciate first-hand what Kidsgrove would have been like in the Jurassic by meeting a real T-rex. Just to see kids buzzing with excitement is what makes the subject so fantastic to teach” Natasha, Year 8 student also said: “It’s been a long and tiring day but really worth it. Not only have I had the chance to see close up what we’ve learnt about in lessons but now I actually own a Velociraptor. I love geography its really interesting and exciting. It makes me appreciate the amazing world around me”

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