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UAW Year 9 - Anderson Shelters - 31/03/2017

Year 9 History students brought in a range of materials to make their very own Anderson Shelters. They were very creative in the materials that they used such as green supermarket scourers to represent the turf over the top of the shelter. They had had to research before-hand what they looked like so that their design was appropriate. The activity was designed to bring life on the home front during the Second World War to life as well as using creative skills to gain a better understanding of and enthusiasm for History. Mr Kirkup: “Students enjoyed being creative and using a range of skills from other subject areas. The examples showed very enthusiastic preparation!” Amy Mackintosh: “We were able to use a range of skills to make representations of what Anderson Shelters were like.”

UAW UKMT Regional Final - 31/03/2017

The UKMT has been running this Team Competition since 2003. The competition combines mathematical, communication and teamwork skills and offers pupils another way to express and develop their enjoyment of Mathematics. We competed against 28 other schools in a variety of challenging mathematical rounds which included: Group Round - Teams work to solve ten questions of varying type and difficulty in the time allowed. Each team must decide their own strategy: whether to work in pairs, individually or as a team. Crossnumber - Similar to a crossword but with numerical answers. Teams work in pairs; one pair has the across clues and the other pair has the down clues. The pairs work independently to complete the grid using logic and deduction. Shuttle - Teams compete against the clock to correctly answer a series of four questions. Each team is divided into Pair A (given Questions 1 and 3) and Pair B (given Questions 2 and 4). Question 1 can be solved independently of the others, but the answer to each subsequent question is dependent on the previous answer, referred to as T in Questions 2, 3 and 4 (e.g. "T is the number that you will receive."). Relay - Teams split off into pairs, with pairs taking it in turns to solve problems. This round involves lots of movement as well as mathematics: a race against the clock with lots of lively activity and excitement. Pupils really enjoyed the day despite finding it challenging and did amazingly well to finish in 10th place. Mr Taylor said: “The students performed amazingly finishing in the top 10, but most importantly, they thoroughly enjoyed the day.” Reece Lockwood said: “The Maths competition was a challenging and new experience that really put our knowledge to the test.” Representitives: Year 8: Emily Browning, Jack Sanders. Year 9: Rachel Hoolihan, Rhys Lockwood

UAW Junior MasterChef Finals - 31/03/2017

On Friday 24th March Year 8 students atended Warrington Collegiate College where they were invited to submit menu design entries for the local Masterchef junior finals. Two of our Year 8’s were selected to the finals to cook the menu they had designed. Each pair of students had a limit of £10 and had to consider portion sizes, costing and overall presentation to the dishes. Students were encouraged to consider using techniques tried and tested in their Food Technology lessons. Jack Sanders and Emily Browning were selected for the finals, they spent a lot of time preparing and testing out their dishes after school with support from Mrs Collins. Melissa Day, Design Technology Technician commented: “This was such a great opportunity for Jack and Emily. It was a challenging experience as they had to prepare and cook in an industrial kitchen within a time frame and also against the other local schools. They worked very well as a team and although didn’t win, the comments about their dishes were that they accomplished a very high standard.”

UAK District Netball Tournaments - 22/03/2017

Over the last few weeks UAK students have been taking part in the Newcastle Schools District Netball Tournaments. They attend training every week and have played league matches earlier in the year. The first to play were the Under 16 girls. The Year 10's and Year 11's formed separate teams to play in this tournament. Both teams played superbly and really improved over the course of the tournament. This was the Year 11's last ever game for UAK, and so was quite emotional. It has been a pleasure to teach the Year 11 girls and I wish them every success in the future and hope that they continue with netball in their further education. The Year 8 girls were next to play. They have only played together a few times, but were so excited and enthusiastic about the tournament. Their performance improved with each game they played, and by the end they looked like a well-oiled machine. Despite not placing in the tournaments, the girls improved their performances and have grown in confidence; that is the ethos of school sport. Mrs Castrey commented: “I am incredibly proud of the girls and the way that they conduct themselves at these tournaments. It has been lovely to see how the girls have grown in confidence with every match. They are a real credit to the school and themselves!”

UAK World Book Day - 21/03/2017

To celebrate World Book Day, all staff were invited to dress as a favourite character from a book. Posters were displayed around the school to explain the event and during AR all students received a book token to trade in for a brand new book at participating supermarkets. 12 members of staff came dressed as famous literary characters and Mrs Fraser wore a t-shirt with the opening lines from her favourite novel emblazoned on the back. There was a bit of confusion in reception, with visitors being greeted by Mrs Bullock dressed as the Wicked Queen! KS3 English classes had lessons dedicated to story-telling, Ms Robinson was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, pupils were asked to discuss their favourite books and lessons activities revolved around books. 9ab3 produced book posters and bookmarks. Ms Boon (aka Harry Potter) allowed her Y8 group to have fun with her wand and the Firebolt broom. The HLTA department created a ‘Macbeth’ display board with various props and quotations. Mrs Jones wore a special locket with the words from her favourite novel inside. Mrs Castrey even managed to play Volleyball whilst dressed as Alice in Wonderland! Furthermore, Dr Ma was seen carrying at least 10 books around whilst dressed as Matilda. Overall it was a fun day and we are looking forward to the Book Fair in April which Ms Robinson will be running, to further promote reading. Don’t forget to visit the Book Nook at lunchtime to read in SSC. We love reading and know that students who read, succeed. So, today was another great opportunity to celebrate the importance and enjoyment of taking time to enjoy a story. Student Jack Johnson said: “Mrs Bardsley is a Victorian lady, she looks cool”. Ms Regan added: “Students enjoyed the buzz of the day”.

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