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As Admissions Authority, UCAT has determined the admission arrangements for 2017/2018 in each of its Academies. The admissions arrangements which apply to each UCAT Academy are published on the Academy websites.

UCAT is an educational organisation associated by the University of Chester and specialising in supporting academies in areas of high deprivation. UCAT currently has seven academies: one primary free school, four secondary academies and two primary academies. As a relatively small group, UCAT can offer a unique package of bespoke support and outstanding CPD completely centred around the individual needs of the academy in question.

We believe strongly in the importance of innovation in education and we work to provide an environment in which these innovations can be shared. We do this through the use of networking groups which span the entire trust, allowing the sharing of best practice and unified approaches to common issues.

Belief is important in UCAT. We believe in providing the best for every child, regardless of personal circumstance. We believe that every child is important and deserves every opportunity we can possibly give them. Our academies are in some of the most disadvantaged areas in the country and we’re dedicated to ensuring brighter futures for the students who attend them. We do this by providing a broad range of educational opportunities for our students, building their self-esteem and their aspirations.

UCAT is centred on you. We’re dedicated to bringing out the best in our academies and ensuring that each of our students goes on to a bright and rewarding future. We know a tremendous amount about each of our academies and we work tirelessly to put this knowledge to good use for the betterment of all.


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